Tasting dinner inspired by a movie

Tasting dinner inspired by “Noma, My perfect storm” movie

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An unusual encounter ahead!
The film about the Copenhagen restaurant Noma and its charismatic chef René Redzepi will be an inspiration for the main event of the meeting of two exceptional chefs: Robert Trzópek (“Bez gwiazdek”, Warsaw) and Maciej Rosiński (Affogato, Łódź). Cocktails prepared by excellent bartenders: Mateusz Szuchnik (El Koktel, Warsaw) and Adrian Szpadzik (Affogato, Łódź).
The event opens a series of meetings with the best chefs in Poland.


1. Celery, truffle, nasturtium
2. Beef tatar, juniper, tarragon emulsion, wild sorrel
3. Yolk, mushroom broth
4. Cod, sepia, cassia
5. Pheasant with beet, smoked beef sprout
6. Potatoes in caramel, caraway ice cream, freeze-dried currant
7. Goat cheese, chanterelles, plum

Event schedule:
18:00, screening + special guest discussion at Charlie cinema in Piotrkowska 203/205
20:00, dinner inspired by the film at the Affogato restaurant on Piotrkowska 144

Seating and dinner tickets are sold separately.
Information and ticket sales:
Affogato Restaurant, tel. 795 151 023 / mail: info@affogato.pl
Cinema Charlie, tel. 42 636 00 92 / mail: charlie@kinosfera.pl

Dinner price: 200 zł + 100 zł pairing of alcohol

Participation in the event must be preceded by an advance payment.